Rachel Brooke truly is one of those “if you know, you know” artists. She’s a master storyteller, underground country queen, Ameripolitan outlaw winner, multi-instrumentalist, honky tonk poet, raised on bluegrass and red tomatoes.

She’s the  “The Rattlesnake” – a name given to her while drumming in a punk band during her teenage years – ever evolving, existing on the fringe of country music, bucking the system, and never losing the game. 

She’s a witty introvert off stage, whose wall-shaking voice has earned her a place at cutting- edge roots music festivals like Muddy Roots, SXSW, AmerianaFest, Mountain Top, Cowboy Fest, and the Rochester International Jazz Festival. 

She’s a self-produced, self-released independent artist who has been featured in major media outlets like CMT, Parade Magazine, The Boot, Music Row, Glide, and Cowboys and Indians, garnering the attention from Nashville big-wigs. 

But when you sing this well and play like hell, who do you have to answer to anyways?

Photo by Jess Varda

"Rachel's voice is one in a million. It's all natural. She did not develop a unique singing style to delineate her from the masses, like is so common with over-singing songbirds these days. She purified her own voice, with no facade or embellishment. It is so wondrous because it is adorable and seemingly innocent, yet at the same time aged like a ghost, haunting, and filled to utmost capacity with pain" - Saving Country Music