Rachel Brooke

"...currently one of the brightest up-and-coming talents in the world of honky tonk. " - The Boot

"Akin to the songwriting genius of Roger Miller, and the humorous, poetic playfulness of Shel Silverstein, Rachel Brooke is arguably one of the best country songwriters of our time." - Media Darling

“Rachel is a master storyteller…a sly, clever writer” - Gimme Country 

“Down-home twang and powerful lyricism”- Parade Magazine

"Superb country poetry" - Americana Highways

“…pesky, brilliant lyrics” - No Depression 

“Brooke is a revelation that’s both retro and modern — a prodigious talent” - Cowboys and Indians Magazine 

“She’s a charismatic, drawling low alto with a terrific, conversational delivery on this bluesy strut. There’s a great deal of promise here.” -Robert Oermann, Music Row Magazine

“Rachel Brooke tackles her woes with wit, grit, and humor” - American Songwriter 

"Lyrically witty and expressive" - The Amp

" Rachel Brooke is not only a singular talent, if you ask me she is a national treasure." -Saving Country Music

“…strikingly well written” - The Musical Divide

"..the album is just as outstanding. If you make one blind buy this year, make it this one.” – NO DEPRESSION

"The Queen of Underground Country is back to show all you whipper snappers how instilling pain and heartbreak in a country song is done" - Saving Country Music

"Some of the purest, direct music you'll hear from a contemporary artist" - Pop Matters

"..appealing voice and solid songwriting ability" -Roots Music Report

"..one of the most naturally-blessed voices in country today" - Saving Country Music

“Sturgill Simpson officially reignited interest in the kind of outlaw country that cats like Waylon Jennings made popular in the 70’s. Others would soon follow. I have always been surprised that this hasn’t happened on the women’s side of the microphone with the same amount of haste…That slot was left for Rachel Brooke” -Disciples of Sound

"Like the early Johnny Cash, she has an ability to deliver performances that are commercial and accessible while avoiding the antiseptic syrup that spills over much of mainstream Nashville’s output" - Americana Highways 

"Drenched in old-school C&W flavor, but with aspects of the execution situating her as something other than a mere throwback"- Vinyl District

"A warm exploration of sadness" - Tower Records

"Shooter Jennings is right. Rachel Brooke is an artist to keep your eyes (and ears) on.” – GLIDE MAGAZINE

…exciting, expectation-dodging influences that elevate The Loneliness in Me above mere Nashville pastiche.” – NORTHERN EXPRESS 

“..we should all be keeping our eyes on her.” –Shooter Jennings 

Brooke grew up in a bluegrass/folk family but rocked out in a punk band as a teenager. Now she’s living in northern Michigan and recorded the tracks on her new album without computers — now that’s killer." -Craig Shelburne, CMT  



Rachel Brooke with Modern Mal:  

Modern Mal are what might happen if blurry reincarnations of Leonard Cohen and Dolly Parton hooked up to form a bent Americana band in the Michigan north woods..(B+) - Robert Christgau, Noisey/ Vice  

“An intriguing piece of art." - Popmatters.com 

We’ve all looked up at the night sky hoping to see some kind of transcendent celestial sight — a shooting star, an eclipse, something from The X-Files. Those sights happen rarely, though, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t beauty to be found in simply looking. -American Songwriter 

..attention to melodic detail makes for a stirring experience, but it is ultimately their exceptional lyricism that will bring listeners back again and again. -Atwood Magazine

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